The final episode of Guild Wars 2’s fourth season of living story is called War Eternal


If you can tear your eyeballs away from Super Adventure Box for a minute, ArenaNet has some Guild Wars 2 living world content updates to tease.

The studio dropped a wee – I was going to call it a trailer, but it’s more like a clip – of what looks like Kralkatorrik soaring through the skies (or the Mists?). (Kralky is not a good dragon, for those of you not up on the lore.) The final slide dubs the episode War Eternal and promises it’s “coming soon.”

The episode is expected to be the finale for the season, which started back at the end of 2017. As ArenaNet Game Director Mike Zadorojny noted earlier this week, the studio will break with tradition and dive straight into season five following this conclusion of season four. Incidentally, the studio’s been busy giving away the episodes to players who missed out; episode one was a freebie last week, while episode two is up for grabs in the cash shop gratis right now.

The teaser is below.

Source: Twitter

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Coldrun ??

I was thinking about trying this game out. I gave it a shot a while ago but never got past level 15 before stopping.

Question: will I be able to experience the storylines from past living world seasons in any way, or is that all in the past and I’ll just have to read the Wiki or something to catch up on the plot?

Anton Mochalin

You won’t be able to play Season 1 story but there’s a recap in-game. You’ll need to buy expansions for Season 2-4 and the episodes themselves to play them but yes you can still play them.

Bruno Brito

Whoever still likes GW2, have fun. Won’t say they’re at least aren’t trying.

Anton Mochalin

I remember NCSoft working on a game called Lineage Eternal but they have cancelled the project because they were afraid they’ll have to support the game forever. Now War Eternal can mean that it is the last episode of the Living World and from that point GW2 will become a MOBA with Priory, Order and Vigil fighting each other for world domination with Kralkatorrik spawning in the center of the map each 2 minutes to provide a strong buff to the side killing it.

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I’m hoping we get the final episode this month and what should be as per usual, an in-game cinematic teaser for what comes beyond.