The Daily Grind: Which underrated MMO would you recommend to friends?


So c’mon, we all know what the big MMOs are right now, the ones that always come up in conversation. You know, the ones with titles like Elder Guild Warcrafts XIV of the Old Republic. Thus, when we go hunting for titles beyond the obvious, it’s important to keep one’s eyes open for key words — one of which is “underrated.”

“Underrated” always catches my attention because it suggests a solid game that I might have already dismissed for superficial reasons or premature judgment. Maybe it’s a game that looked too goofy for me to like it, too complex to learn, or too out of the norm for my atrophied mind to comprehend. And once in a while, those underrated recommendations result in a fun personal discovery of titles like Fallen Earth, Project Gorgon, and Dungeons and Dragons Online.

I think many of us champion an underrated title or two, so today I’d like us to sound off for the benefit of the whole class. New or old, which underrated MMO should others give an honest try?

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!
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scarlet blade… woop’s i went there, good for a afternoon blast

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My recommendation would go to Secret World Legends despite the ups and downs of Funcom. For one thing I do consider it a bit underrated, as it is something of a niche game and certainly not as big and mainstream as games like GW2, ESO, or SWTOR. More importantly though, the dark and eerie world they created and the stories they tell, to say nothing of the diverse and complex quests, stand head and shoulders above anything I’ve experienced in mmo’s. As one game journo noted, Secret World was a landmark achievement in showing just what was possible in the mmo space.


I’m going to say SWTOR, I just went back after 8 years with some friends and we have been having a blast, I wish they would push out a remastered patch or something to shine some light on the game again.

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I don’t consider SWTOR underrated, as to my mind it is still kind of big and mainstream. That said, I agree completely that any mmo and/or Star Wars fan should experience at least a couple of the SWTOR original class stories.

Matthew Martinez

ArcheAge: Relics of Hiram is an amazing MMO. It’s class system is truly unique, boasting over 100 different classes (through a combination of 3 separate classes), open world house building(for premium), open-world pvp, beautiful artwork/scenery, in-depth quests based on your race and alliance. This game is one that I kept brushing off as an FF-knock off without any real info other than a short trailer. But finally a friend bribed me to start playing (gave me a month of premium, hehe) and I fell in love instantly. Even playing free barely limits you. You just can’t build a house and your labor points don’t regenerate until the next day.
Hope you all enjoy ;D

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Fallen Earth


Dungeons and Dragons Online.


Original Secret World.

Fred Douglas

For me it’s Age of Conan. Many abandoned the game due to it’s choppy start, and I think what’s there at present is a really solid themepark MMO. It has real character, which is hard to find in any online games these days.

Fervor Bliss

Ever, Jane


not that it will surprise anyone daring enough to glance at my ramblings:
any Cryptic game really

no matter what Cryptic ever does, it always gets an overreaction as a response which tickles me. and despite that, they still dish out a very generous (if not friendly, due to lack of clear instructions) free player experience across all titles

but seriously, the ridiculous reactions to anything and everything they do, is my guilty pleasure so… half my rambling ahead is going to refer to that

yes that includes my love-hate title i.e. neverwinter

which i will not elaborate about because


– it is about to go through a major overhaul, so it is better to wait till that launches

and the initial major bugs are ironed out

– endgame is a bit gated in ways

– i will start making fawn puns (not a long story, but i will make it one)

– i am currently in super-annoyed-mode with it today because at some point they fixed a

lot of the holes in the invisiwalls that i loved breaking to get on top of structures

i will, however, happily ramble (A LOT) about the other two


star trek online

– yes, the one where most vocal players seem to have forgotten all other trek except discovery and just really, really want you to know how they feel about it just because a game… about trek has been adding content related to… geeze, the latest trek.

– is perhaps the most generous mmo i am aware of

– very true to canon, if you are a trek admirer it will keep your interest; if not, most of the appeal might be lost (i was one of the latter and had only ever seen a few episodes of TNG here and there… till i learned about STO and mistakenly menioned it to my grumpo, who immediately eloped with it and has rarely been seen on CO since, grrr)

– explores the dangling threads of nearly every single trek episode, ever… seriously; if you ever had a wonder of “what about that..” there’s SOME reference to the topic in game somewhere

– can be adorably simple or diabolically complex depending on your theorycrafting caliber. ships actually being the least important part; synergies!

– relaxed but time-gated “grind” (and when they added a buyout option for events as players had been begging for, for years; newer players called THAT a p2w move …)

– “has no endgame” has three: 1) space barbie (Cryptic, remember?) 2) theorycrafting 3) whining about everything in game

– “LOCKBOXES!!!!” “P2W” yes lotsa lockboxes; but not p2w, any dps-parser player can confirm the box ships are comparable to other end game fleet ships; and aside from -want- of the ship (visuals; because, Cryptic; also, space-barbie) there is no point in chasing them. ditto for everything else in the boxes

– “still lockboxes” yeah, yeah, i know, not-pro-gambling-addiction either, but this isn’t the thread for it

– “has no pvp” yeah, no balanced pvp (but if you ask my husband who regularly ends up as my target dummy, there is too much pvp)

– RP is hard to come by


champions online

– yes, the one that is near universally mocked and snarked/snarled at

– has all the coolest stuff hidden away and unadvertised, much like the title itself :P

i wrote way more here; then, it got way too rambly (even for me!) so here is a shorter attempt:

– might get lost in the character creator

– game is just shout-outs and reference online, seriously. smallest example: every single story mission title is a reference to some movie, book, song or album.

– again, game is maximum cheese and ham (esp. voice acting). and cats.

– it is a dress-up game; costumes are more important than everything. oh and RP (quality varies, obviously; but easily available). has decent theorycrafting especially with the ongoing rework/rebalance of powersets, etc. and cats.

– game content is primarily centered around costumes, because anything that isn’t, gets ZERO interest after a few days of curiosity (which seems to be why they have made vendor buyable costume unlocks to require associated perks/accolades from actual play-content). and cats.

– oh yeah, game gets regular updates (powerset adjustments / additions; and costumes… and cycling events with more costumes), just not for things people say they want but what the players actually indulge in. and cats.

– endgame? superherobarbie. theorycrafting. rp. cosmic (huge boss) fights. or, whining about everything in game. and cats.

– PvP? Cryptic. so, yeah, pvp takes a back seat. no cats… yet.

– lockbox? p2w? …only if costumes make you win, so yeah totally!

– i will not be surprised if the game gets renamed to catheroes online

Castagere Shaikura

I think I’m the only one here that likes Champions Online. Mention it and you get COH was better posted every time.


aw, that’s a silly thing to happen, because there is no “better” beyond “better appeal to certain tastes” really, or how i feel it is; so i tend to just overlook it

besides, the cute thing is CO has had a few shoutouts (and likely more) to CoX, because the devs all started under Cryptic in the past. and good natured puns, like Grond’s line :3 bonus: after CoX, i know a couple joined (or rejoined) Cryptic and bounced around their title teams.

now having said all that, i actually think there is another more base reason to explain why that might happen. the same reason we’ll see any age comic fan go “batman or superman?”

…this is now going to be my headcanon for the fanbase, i think


I like Champions Online too – but I also never tried COH. However Champions Online is more fun than lets say DCUO