Blade & Soul is patching up its dungeons for its next event on April 10


The upcoming event for Blade & Soul is all dungeon-based, so it makes sense for it to come alongside a patch that’s all about dungeons. When the patch goes live on April 10th, several dungeons and raids will have their overall difficulty lowered, while a crop of Normal difficulty dungeons receive a minor buff for the denizens within. Several more Hard mode dungeons receive a more significant buff, to boot. So the dungeons may be easier, but the numbers will be hitting harder.

To compensate for this, several legendary accessories have been made cheaper to purchase and available from more locales. Reward selection chests are also being added to replace the existing drops, allowing you to choose your best options instead of relying on luck. That should help emphasize the skill required to clear these dungeons rather than random chance, something that will no doubt be welcome when players are encouraged to dive into the depths.


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I haven’t been keeping up. It has been a bit hellish with work. But, this patch sounds about par. They are about to release a knew raid at end game. And that usually means tiers the lower tiers will get nerfed a little and the dungeons dropping gear will get get better loot drops.

Looking forward to it! Once I can play regularly again.

Uta, I got caught up with work. But I will catch up with you this week. And this time I promise. I try not to break those. Heh.


Oh…that’s why I went on there a couple of times only see your name in cold grey all the time. Well, thanks for the heads up! :)

…it didn’t help I also got distracted in my own stuff this weekend too. :(