MapleStory 2 outlines the major Gemstone changes arriving with its New Leaf update

Well, someone's having fun!

The developers behindĀ MapleStory 2 know that nobody likes having things removed, which is why the big rundown on Gemstone changes arriving with the next major update just starts by ripping off that bandage. No more access to Abandoned Mines B1/B4, no more Gemstone items from runs, no more Gemstone items in stores. The bright side? All of this is part of the change making players less reliant on randomness, with players able to choose the Gemstones they want, choose the color of dust from Dust Boxes, and generally pay less to upgrade or remove stones.

[AL:MS2]For example, instead of upgrade attempts having a chance of success, Gemstone upgrades will now always succeed with a flat cost that’s less than the average spent on upgrading. Extraction costs are massively reduced, with only 10 Crystal Fragments needed to release a first-tier Gemstone. Check out the full rundown of the changes, which look pretty severe if you’re judging them solely on the context of things being removed but seem pretty positive once you factor in how much easier it’ll be to upgrade on the whole.

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