A first look at Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Masters of Sharn sees goblins and dinosaurs


When a new content update arrives to an MMO, one would likely expect some new baddies to fight. During a broadcast from Twitch streamer 3Kobolds, we got a couple of interesting peeks as some of those baddies coming for your face in the Masters of Sharn update for Dungeons & Dragons Online.

3Kobolds was streaming his adventures from inside the Sharn update, which is currently on the DDO preview server, and he ran in to a couple of noteworthy mobs. First among them were what look like goblins and hobgoblins, while another was a literal dinosaur.

If you’re interested in watching more, you can check out 3Kobolds’ full broadcast below. Sharn itself launches at the end of April.

source: Twitch (1, 2), thanks to DDOCentral for the tip!
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Bruno Brito

When i see the character’s actionbars, i get a bit of a shiver.


Bring in the whales.

Nathan Aldana

see, ill be more impressed when they get Sharn correct and we see goblin accountants or Hobgoblin cooks walking the street on their way to their job at the local tapas bar, or get to see Dragoneyes district where the changeling population lives.