EverQuest’s Selo progression server turns the XP boost back on


When the folks at EverQuest decided to turn off the server-wide 50% XP boost that was applied to the Selo progression server in March, folks were pretty grumpy. It’s because of that grump that the XP boost for Selo players has not only re-engaged but will also be permanent.

“Given we envisioned this as our fastest progression server, we do want to keep the feel of the 50% bonus players have had as part of the Selo experience for the past three weeks. With the 50% bonus, Selo feels in line with how we presented the intent of the server.”

By the next update to Selo on Wednesday, April 17th, the 50% boost will be part of the game’s code, which means that future XP bonus days should see XP gain rates that are “truly ridiculous by EQ standards.”

Source: Official forums, thanks Wilhelm for the tip!