Outlaws of the Old West’s barbershop offers a cut and a shave for two bits


Not everyone is expertly skilled at the fine arts of character creation, a sad fact that results in more heartbreak every year than the country music industry can handle. But if you happen to make a grizzled prospector in Outlaws of the Old West that doesn’t suit your needs visually, at least you’ll have a chance to fix that mistake with the help of the in-game barbershop.

In a new video, Outlaws of the Old West shows how easy it will be to slap down a prefab barbershop and then take advantage of its services. The barbershop won’t stop at only hair; players can adjust skin tone and facial features for a fee as well. Check it out after the break and don’t forget to check out our first impressions of this western sandbox!

Source: YouTube

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…mind the pigtails when you do that. >.<

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