Shroud of the Avatar outlines planned updates for the second quarter of 2019


Q2 2019 should have some significant updates for Shroud of the Avatar if plans work out the way the devs hope. The latest update from the team offers a top 10 list of priorities for the sandbox going forward, along with word on new content coming down the pipeline.

The aforementioned list has items that one could probably consider to be typical, including additional quality-of-life features, system and UI polish, and work on bug fixes and performance. The list also points out the return of seasonal events during the summer, improvements to loot and rewards, and the arrival of Episode 2.

On the subject of Episode 2, the first area related to that content will arrive with Release 66 on Thursday, May 30th, with the following Release 67 heralding the return of the Luminous Atavaist and his machinations on Thursday, June 27th. Episode 2 will also introduce a variety of features such as a revamped quest and journal system, a theater system, treasure hunting, and more.

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Portalarium keeps making promises about new content and episodes, but how they actually plan to execute these plans, with their ever-shrinking resources and staff, remains to be seen.


If the treasure hunting is anything like t-maps in old UO, I just might fire the game back up again.

I’ve been lobbying for such a system since release 12 or 13.


I am really happy with the updates overall even though they had a few hiccups along the way. Also probably along with episode 2 they will add mounts. They did some balancing to elemental summos as well and now earth elemental and daemon are more useful