EVE Online dials back repairs and rebalances capital and subcapital ships with its newest patch

Try this again.

The most recent patch to EVE Online is all about balance, and part of that balance is about reducing the effectiveness of repairs. Players will find that remote repairs become less effective as more and more are used in a short span of time; this is a direct response to how capital and subcapital ships could have too much defensive capability in large-scale battles. These ships still aren’t made of paper, but they’ll be slightly less durable in sustained firefights.

Of course, this patch is also rebalancing the aforementioned ship classes anyhow, such as laser platforms becoming more deadly in general and fighters becoming less efficient against smaller targets. Check out the full rundown of changes on the official site, or if you want the fine details of what’s changed you could meticulously scan the full set of patch notes. Just know that the biggest ships aren’t quite so invulnerable any longer.

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