Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows goes live with plenty of freebies

Oh gosh.

Hearthstone has always represented the more light-hearted side of the Warcraft franchise, but now that goofy tone is, well, getting even goofier now that the League of E.V.I.L. is up to no good in the game’s latest expansion.

Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows launched today, featuring “the biggest story” that Blizzard has ever told in the game, 135 new cards, and keywords such as Schemes, Twinspell, and Lackeys. The studio is continuing to deliver the ever-popular solo adventures, with the first of five expansion chapters being offered for free to all players.

And speaking of free, you can grab a copy of Archmage Vargoth for no cost if you log into the game before July 9th. Players can also earn 12 free card packs (including five from this expansion) by running limited-time quests.

Source: Hearthstone


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chriskovo .

I got pissed at them changing all the older cards so i stopped playing. Why should i spend money on this when they are just going to nerf what i already purchased?


Cards need nerfing over time, especially when cards 2 years from when they were released synergize extremely well with others (cube + doomguard).

Its a necessary evil.

Danny Smith

So this is what a Digital card games “please come back” patch looks like.

Bruno Brito

With all the rng that can happen in Magic, and all the pricy stuff and p2progress waaaaaay faster, i wouldn’t touch HS with a ten foot pole anymore.



Hikari Kenzaki

Okay… the Evil League of Evil thing is pretty giggle-worthy.