RIFT Prime character transfers were delayed over ‘unforeseen circumstances’ as Trove loses CM


When Gamigo announced that it was closing down RIFT Prime, the game’s progression server, it told RIFT players that their characters would be safely transferred to a trial server dubbed Reclaimer, from which they could then be moved by the player to one of the existing live servers in North America (EU players were always out of luck). The company has originally suggested (on Discord) it’d take a week from the sunset for those transfers to take place.

Well, it’s now been a week, and forumgoers are beginning to get antsy. But one player got a big clue that the transfers aren’t finished yet: Hazrilo posted that she’d put in a ticket and been told by Gamigo support that her characters were still on Vigil, the Prime server, and wouldn’t be moved until the “end of this week.” That was yesterday, so if the CS person is correct, it’s looking more like Monday of next week.

But then Community Manager Zyra posted that she’s not sure why the customer service would give such a date; apparently Gamigo was supposed to do the transfers yesterday but “due to some unforeseen circumstances it is pushed back to today.”

Update: The team did note on Twitter after this article went live that the characters aren’t actually in any danger. “Considering this is the first time we’re having a huge transfer like that, we just need more time,” a rep tweeted.

In other Gamigo news, it looks as if it’s lost another community rep from the Trion old guard. Senior Community Manager Fasti, who’d managed the Trove community since before the game even officially launched. In his farewell note, he says taking an opportunity he “just couldn’t pass up” but that the players are “good hands going forward” with “Diniry, gedc, and the rest of the crew at gamigo US.”

Source: Official forums, Trove. Thanks, Aldristavan!

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Wilhelm Arcturus

“Considering this is the first time we’re having a huge transfer like that, we just need more time,”

I guess this is perhaps the first time Gamigo has done a “huge” transfer like this, but Trion had to consolidate servers and get people transferred on to new ones more than once. It has been so long since the game was popular maybe they forgot how.


They need to stabilise and start a normal update circle if they dont want to go down in death spiral as most players are scared to commit time and money right now