Black Desert deletes Shadow Arena, compensates players, and opens the Egg Hunt

It's in the right spirit.

The day has come, folks: Shadow Arena is officially patched out of Black Desert today, after hackers and banwaves and what had to be pure frustration on the part of developers drove the mode offline after just a few weeks of uptime. RIP.

“As announced previously, Shadow Arena will close in its current state to go back into development with this maintenance,” Kakao wrote in today’s patch notes. “We want to show our appreciation for your continuous support and affection for Shadow Arena since launch by offering [Event] Blessing of Kamasylve (20 Days) via in-game mailbox (B). Please claim the item enclosed inside within 7 days. Accordingly, the UI button to enter Shadow Arena on ESC menu and as a pop-up notification banner on bottom right corner have been removed.”

Meanwhile in today’s patch, it’s time for an Egg Hunt event, in which you’ll be bashing mobs and plying your gathering skills to farm eggs as part of a goofy spring questline.

And over in the Xbox One version of the game, the first season of node warring has begun this week.

Stay tuned for this afternoon for our next edition of our Black Desert column, Desert Oasis.


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Dankey Kang

That’ll teach them for trying to give players something to do other than grinding stationary mobs.

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Asia developers are to PvP as western developers are to dating sims.


You should have used dodo image for the article, it’s even available within the game (the free pet).