Crowfall’s Illara campaign – and a wipe – arrives this week


One of the hallmarks of Crowfall is its cyclical campaigns that feature firm beginnings and endings before coming back in different forms. This format is being put into practice on the test servers, as the current campaign (Trial of Kane) is ending so that the next one (Trial of Illara) may commence.

The Illara campaign starts tomorrow, April 11th, and will continue until May 2nd. Players who place on the leaderboards, either from kills or crafting, can earn a Sigil of Illara that offers a bonus to the pathfinding stat.

Before this campaign can begin, however, ArtCraft is rolling out Update 5.8.6 with significant changes to how armor works (short version: armor is now based on resistance). A change this big means that a wipe to characters and inventory (but not skill) is necessary.

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What does that mean when they said campaign is ending, for a game that hasn’t even launched yet? Are they going to bring back the campaign when the game actually launches?


I guess they probably wipe quite often at this point since alpha

Anthony Clark

How long has been in development with how much money raised?

I consider this to just be the mid-evil Star Citizen.

Yoshi Senpai

From the wiki; “Its Kickstarter campaign ended March 26, 2015 with a total funding of $1,766,205”

Bree Royce
Bree Royce

It’s also taken multiple rounds of investment, plus an equity crowdfunding round, and has seen multiple delays.

Disclosure, I backed it. Still want it to do well. But most of these indies see these kinds of delays and infusions. Crowfall’s no different.