Elite Dangerous announces April 23 update with newbie tweaks and new pilot modules


Frontier has just announced Elite Dangerous’ next big update is launching on April 23rd.

“As mentioned in the beginning of March, this year’s initial updates will focus on introducing quality of life improvements and improving the welcoming experience for beginners,” Frontier posted today. “This update brings with it two new modules to help get you out there, engaging in and exploring all that there is to discover – as well as ensure that you’re able to access in-game information and training from the seat of your cockpit!”

Those modules would be the advanced docking computer and the supercruise assist. There’s also a new zone of planets for beginning players, extra module slots for all, navigation panel improvements, the Pilot’s Handbook, trading tweaks, and community events.

The update should come as welcome news to the community; a month ago, the studio announced it’s working on what sounds like a massive 2020 expansion, with updates every three or four months in the meantime.


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All great changes. Nice to see new players getting some protected space. Loving the module changes/additions. The supercruise will be nice for longer trips where I’m not paying much attention anyway.

Still a bummer that the mega update is over a year away, but these little QoL changes are still very nice to see in the meantime.


Agreed. I’m just wondering whether the supercruise assist is smart enough to approach large stations (i.e. those with a toaster slot) from planet-side to cut the landing time once you’re out of supercruise. I’m out at Sothis at the moment though so unless a station there stocks one it’ll be a while before I find out.


They should be at every station which has outfitting, it’s a baseline module.