Fallout 76’s latest Wild Appalachia patch is live now

A new questline, balance adjustments, a dungeon next week... and a new splash screen


It’s time for players to take on new quests in Fallout 76 with the new Wild Appalachia update, which puts a new quest line front and center. Players are tasked with investigating the disappearance of Calvin van Lowe, starting from one of the “Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother” posters lying around. That might seem like a pretty solved mystery, but there’s more to it than just asking a sheepsquatch about his dinner plans from the previous few weeks.

For players with an eye toward more system-based changes, a number of systems have been rebalanced or otherwise adjusted; VATS no longer will target neutral or friendly targets in the area, player-built turrets are now subject to PvP rules, and players will now lose far fewer Caps upon death. There’s also a new dungeon arriving on April 16th to challenge even the best-geared survivors with new combat encounters.

Also, there’s a new splash screen when you exit the game to keep you up-to-date on the most recent additions and news. So that’s a thing. The controversial new repair kits, however, do not appear to be in there.


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One of the biggest improvements is that vendors no longer have an individual 200 Cap limit, and instead you get a 1400 Cap limit across all vendors (on a 20-hour reset). So if you’re trying to make money you spend far less time traipsing all over the map just to sell stuff.