Fallout 76 previews the Burrows and the new in-game camera

Of course there's a sewer level.

It’s taken a little while, but Fallout 76 is getting that staple of video games, the sewer level. Yes, that’s the core of what’s going on with the Burrows, a new dungeon that’s being unlocked in the game on April 16th. You can read all about it in the latest preview on the official site. It’s meant for two players at level 50+, but particularly well-geared players may be able to take it on solo, and of course you can roll in with more people if you so desire.

The new in-game camera was originally meant to launch at the same time, but it’s now going to be somewhat delayed; still, it should be a welcome addition to the game when you first find one and start equipping it in lieu of a weapon. The down side will be that you won’t have a weapon, obviously, but the bright side will be the ability to snap shots, see names of nearby critters and locations, and the general satisfaction of being a shutterbug.

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