Adorable retro sandbox Staxel has officially launched today with a huge update too


We’ve been covering the supercute voxelbox Staxel for the last year of early access, so what a joy to get to say that it’s actually formally launched as of today. I’m extra happy to look at my Steam account and remember I already bought it and should probably log in. Yay!

The game is reminiscent of Stardew Valley, in a 3-D voxel setting, with construction, hunting, farming, shopping, and questing, and while it’s not a traditional MMORPG, you can play multiplayer just fine.

Coinciding with the launch is a huge day-one patch updating magic crafting, adding new friend NPCs and pets, implementing in-game mail, kicking off new festivals, padding the in-game calendar, and opening new zones. Oh, and if you hate jumping puzzles, definitely don’t go into the Arcade mode!

Source: Steam, GOG
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Dug From The Earth

So this is basically minecraft, where they swapped out combat for much improved farming?

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Pretty close. It’s a little more focused. There are quests to do, like building houses for new villagers, and making new buildings in town like a museum. But overall it’s a pretty chill game.

(Also, I think I remember reading that their props artist is the woman who made the DecoPlus mod for Minecraft).

IronSalamander8 .

I’ve seen this one around before. I like the retro graphics a lot and voxel games tend to have some appeal for me as well. May have to give it a try.


I got np trying games with cutish graphs(example Dofus) but I dont like it when its both cute and voxel – its the main reason I never tried Trove. I dont say these games are bad, they just arent clicking with me.

Nevertheless its good to see there is a variety of sandbox mmo games for everyone out there and from what I understand it will have good features