City of Titans wraps up its landmark previews with some new buildings and a zone map


The City of Titans folks have been spending some time showing off several landmark locations in their developing superhero MMO, and today marks the last look at these stately buildings along with a little more clarity on where they sit thanks to a new zone map.

One of the first images shared on the new preview post is a map of the Alexandria district, which will be the starter zone for new arrivals to City of Titans. This provides some nice context on just where the Library District or Phoenix Plaza actually is instead of attempting to mentally fill in the blanks.

The landmarks themselves are mostly buildings that we’ve seen before, but there are some new buildings including the Phoenix Statue, the American Star Mausoleum, the Statue of Heroism, and the Hanging Gardens. All of those buildings are just about as pretty as they sound, so it’s worth taking a peek at the gallery below.

Incidentally, the team announced via Twitter that they’ll be taking a couple of weeks off from their regular update schedule for the upcoming Easter holiday, so expect some radio silence from the team for the next little while.

If updates to buildings aren’t exactly the thing driving you wild for City of Titans, we have a few other reasons why this game should be on the radar.

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Leandro Malta


i’d rather it wrap up development. all we’ve seen out of them lately is fluff with no substance.

i like how they’re taking a couple weeks off from making little visible progress.


Just gotta be patient.