PWE officially bids farewell to the Star Trek Online and Neverwinter Foundry


While we all knew it was coming, it still doesn’t make saying goodbye very easy. The Foundry — a repository and creation tool for players to make and share their own Star Trek Online and Neverwinter missions — is officially offline. The Star Trek Online Facebook page offered the last bit of lip service, thanking the Foundry community for the support.

For those who don’t recall, PWE announced the closure of the Foundry feature in the beginning of March, citing a lack of “legacy knowledge required to maintain the Foundry” as a result of the original devs who built the Foundry no longer working for PWE. Additionally, the company suggested that maintaining the Foundry was a drain on resources.

While the Foundry was reportedly a mass of bugs every time the related games got updated or used as a means to lessen certain grinds, it was also clear that many players had a deep, abiding passion for the Foundry’s suite of creation tools. In one instance, a player even created a sizzle trailer for their Star Trek Online Foundry mission:

Also, there was the chance for players to write their own humorous moments. Here’s another STO Foundry clip of a player character stumbling across a sneaky romantic tryst between two officers:

Neverwinter players were also pretty creative with their Foundry missions. Here’s another sizzle trailer for “The Absence of Light,” a mission which took three months to build according to the video’s blurb:

Finally, here’s a nice collection of Neverwinter Foundry mission moments from YouTuber Silv3ry:

Goodbye, Foundry. In an age where MMO creation seems to begin and end with the character builder, we’ll certainly miss you.

sources: Facebook, YouTube
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Bruno Brito

I officially bid farewell to pwe.

Tee Parsley

PWE: Another name to avoid….


good knight sweet prince, we hardly knew ye.

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I made a nice little STO mission years ago, then forgot to check on it again before they all went down. For some reason though, I never got on with the NW one, even though I play it much more and DM in real life.


From what I understood they got no people in their personnel left that new how to develop the system and didnt want to take the extended time to learn it from scratch as they focus elsewhere. Its a sad thing cause a number of STO fleets and armadas used it for events, especially RP based


somber moment

lotsa anger, lotsa hurt (some of it unfortunately aimed at devs instead of management) but overall disappointing, even if it was necessary

amazing foundry authors; let this not be the end to their creativity

and thank you for the vid links


That’s unfortunate. I know that there was a lot of drama about exploitation via Foundry missions in STO which lead to reward farming, but i am the opinion that Foundry never should’ve been about rewards. It could’ve been a great system for simply expanding upon the game’s core storylines while involving players in the actual storytelling.

Hopefully there are other iterations of the system that get introduced in the future.


It’s a sad day. The Foundry had its problems, but there were some real gems in there if you spent time. I remember playing through Foundry quests that were credibly better written than some of the game’s studio content.

I hope someone, someday can do a Foundry 2.0 (even if it’s not called that) and give their players the opportunity to do something amazing with it.

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RIP. A rad system that required far more attention and maintenance than they seemed to want to give it.

Hoping one day we can get a game with a big focus on UGC, both in maintaining an expanding and deep system for creating content and in managing and effectively curating content to keep high quality content front and center while either removing or making content designed for efficient farming get pushed down and/or poorly rewarded to disincentivize creating that kind of content.