Lord of the Rings Online buffs Burglars on Bullroarer


If you were to poll players across Lord of the Rings Online about which is the most underpowered and least played class, you shouldn’t find yourself surprised to hear the Burglar brought up more often than not. The strange stealthy class has struggled to remain competitive to other PvE classes, a fact which Standing Stone Games hopes to address with Update 23.5.

The patch, which has begun testing on the Bullroarer server, and Burglars are seeing sweeping changes with it. There are tons of tweaks here, but the studio sums up the effort of these notes by saying that “the basic goal is to increase the Burglar’s general DPS, fix some general structural issues with their skills, improve their group survivability, and streamline their play a bit.”

The update also adjusts a few things with Beornings and Minstrels and fixes error messages for those who buy store stuff before making characters (why would you do this?).

Source: Patch notes
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Maggie May

Nice to see, my main is a Burg (one of the few) and I usually have to be a little overleveled, in comparison to my alts, to easily do the content.