MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: TERA Origin, Astaria, NosTale, and Veloren


Welcome back to another brief roundup of MMOs and other online games you’ve (probably) never heard of!

Let’s kick off our roundup with something for Japan that we might never see (but wouldn’t it be cool if we did): TERA Origin. Netmarble has apparently acquired the rights to create a TERA-franchise mobile MMORPG, not just a TERA M clone. Unfortunately, like a lot of good things destined for the Japanese market, it doesn’t look to be coming here.

Astaria is an MMORPG I could’ve sworn we’ve covered before, but heck if I can find it – maybe I’m confusing it with Astellia and Istaria? Anyway, it’s an early access game set to launch April 19th, and developer PlayAstaria is billing it as a “hardcore fantasy MMORPG with emphasis on social communities, crafting, party combat, territory capture and player vs. developer (PvD)” – yes, that means difficult combat, item loss on death, and so forth, heavy on the survival aspects. It looks pretty decent in the pics too.

I always forget all about NosTale, but here it is with a new event: “The March Hare has gone insane and taken over the Chicken Farm in NosTale, filling eggs with explosive (and smelly) surprises in the new NosVille seasonal raid. Players must face off against him and survive in order to claim a wide array of different rewards including Easter Bunny hats and costumes along with other goodies.” Can I just put out that there are many AAA and AA MMOs that don’t even bother doing trailers for their high-end updates? And here we are getting an Easter event trailer from this tiny title. Kudos.

Finally, if you miss CubeWorld, take a peek at Veloren, a new “open-world, open-source multiplayer voxel RPG” in the same vein. It’s not super stable yet, at least judging by the Reddit replies here, but it’s free!

We love to hear about new MMOs we’ve never covered or that have fallen off the radar of the genre – drop us a note if you spy one!


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Maybe you’re confusing the name Astaria with the game Antaria. When I saw the name Astaria I thought for a moment it was Antaria :D

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Thank you for mentioning Veloren, i’m still waiting for CubeWorld, in Reddit there is always some new little update for CubeWorld, i’m hoping to see it soon.


I am a tester on astaria, it is a 1 man dev team and has a lot of work to go.