Final Fantasy XI kicks off its annual Egg Hunt Egg-stravaganza on April 15

Like a boss.

It’s almost time for the denizens of Vana’diel to run around desperately hoping to find a set of eggs that spell out important words like “BUTTS” or “TRAIN,” because Final Fantasy XI’s Egg Hunt returns on April 15th. As with previous iterations of the vent, you can trade a bunch of common eggs to get a lettered egg, and you can then work overtime to pick up a sequence of eggs that spell out the first three letters of your character’s name, your first initial plus the next seven alphabetical letters, or seven of the same egg.

Players can also spell out specific rewarded words, although those words are only hinted and and will require investigation and experimentation. Or, of course, you could always just look for the letters to spell out “BUTTS” and get no rewards beyond juvenile satisfaction. Either way, the event kicks off on April 15th, so whatever you want to spell you’ll be starting up next week.

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