MMO Week in Review: SWTOR’s Onslaught eclipses ‘Big Blizzard’


It’d be tempting to make this week’s headline all about Big Blizzard since that was far and away the biggest comment thread of the period. But in truth, we had a steady stream of MMORPG news this week that’s more worth our attention, starting with a huge expansion announcement for Star Wars The Old Republic. Nautolans, folks!

Plus, Albion Online went free-to-play, Black Desert canceled Shadow Arena but posted huge numbers, Guild Wars 2 announced dragon mounts, PWE sunsetted one of the few player-designed missions systems left in the genre, Skyforge and TERA and Blade & Soul saw big updates, Neowiz‘s Bless studio is toast, and Elder Scrolls Online reached new playerbase highs, necessitating queues and capacity upgrades.

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