Daily Archives: April 15, 2019

‘Secret’ City of Heroes emulator operators address SCORE leak drama, rebut personal info database rumor

If you've been around the post-sunset City of Heroes community long enough, you've probably heard the rumors that there's a secret City of Heroes...

The Stream Team: Taking a first look at Fractured

Psst. Hey, you. Yah, you over there. Come here a moment. Want to see something? How about taking a little peek at a new...

Gather eggs and earn goodies in RuneScape’s Easter event

It's time for that most eggcellent spring holiday, Easter, and the world of RuneScape is celebrating with an eggcitingly eggstravagant in-game event. It involves...
The problem might not be the trying itself, guy.

CCP discusses trying, failing, and trying again in the wake of Project Nova’s demise

The history of CCP Games is one of EVE Online continuing on even while the developer watches every other project stutter and collapse. Project Nova was...

Population Zero dishes on three of its planned player factions

Enplex Games' upcoming survival MMO Population Zero has thus far distinguished itself from other multiplayer survival titles with features including a hand-crafted world, factions,...
Bye Felicia.

Final Fantasy XIV’s North American data center split requires maintenance on April 22

April 23rd is the official date for the split of the two North American data centers for Final Fantasy XIV into three, but players on...
This took some work.

Wizardry Online fans hope to ‘resurrect’ the permadeath dungeon crawler

Despite an impressive RPG pedigree that stretches back decades, the Wizardry franchise faltered when it came to breaking into the MMORPG market. Wizardry Online...

Dark Age of Camelot tests Patch 1.125D, plans on reclaiming abandoned names

There is nothing quite as uniquely exciting as when an old favorite MMORPG gets a meaty patch today. This is indeed what is happening...

Wisdom of Nym: Final Fantasy XIV Stormblood in review – The main scenario

All right. It's all over but the waiting, and that means it's time to start picking apart the Final Fantasy XIV expansion we're now...

Guild Wars 2’s S4E3 A Star to Guide Us is free in the cash shop tomorrow as the welcome back promo rolls on

We're barreling on toward the end of Guild Wars 2's fourth living story season with the War Eternal episode launching... well, we don't know...

SWTOR’s Charles Boyd on new gearing and character progression in Onslaught

Hopefully, you've seen our other coverage of the Star Wars: The Old Republic community cantina that took place this past weekend. If not, you...

Star Citizen’s 3.5 alpha is really, truly ‘imminent’ this time

The last week of March, everyone was super excited because patch day for Star Citizen had finally arrived. The 3.5 alpha, with its playable...
House of skulls.

Not So Massively: Five things I love about Anthem

It is by now clear that Anthem had a fairly tortured road to launch. I don't wish to condone the clearly appalling conditions BioWare...

Path of Exile plans a melee system rework for June’s 3.7.0 expansion

One of the biggest endeavors in Path of Exile's recent Synthesis expansion was making massive rebalancing adjustments to the game's spells, and Grinding Gear...

Camelot Unchained explains how environmental light and color affects biome creation

Camelot Unchained's newsletter this week is like a lot of the game's newsletters: It shows iterative but forward progress on both the siege battles...

Conan Exiles’ new season pass includes multiple DLC starting with today’s Treasures of Turan

The elephants are on parade in the new Conan Exiles DLC Treasures of Turan. Sure, it's more than just elephants, but "elephants, rhinoceroses, and...

Fan recreates classic Guild Wars’ Ascalon City in RPG Maker

Remaking your favorite online world in a different program seems to be a hobby of some fans, which is why we get (for example)...

Neverwinter previews Undermountain’s randomized expeditions

Among the myriad new features coming to Neverwinter in its upcoming Undermountain expansion are the new expeditions, which are the subject of the game's...
Our faith has been rewarded!

Peria Chronicles promises to announce something soon via Facebook

Those of us who were still looking forward to Peria Chronicles got used to being mocked. We grew accustomed to being told that we were...

The Daily Grind: Will you go back to SWTOR for Onslaught?

This weekend, we covered some pretty exciting news for Star Wars MMO fans: BioWare is launching a massive new expansion for Star Wars The...