Camelot Unchained explains how environmental light and color affects biome creation


Camelot Unchained’s newsletter this week is like a lot of the game’s newsletters: It shows iterative but forward progress on both the siege battles and other parts of the game. “We’ve been testing this work, very successfully I might add, with many of our Backers, who have by and large been extremely excited to see this coming together,” City State Entertainment’s Tyler Rockwell says. “Wednesday evening’s test saw many west coast Backers able to join in on the mayhem.”

Notably, the team’s been focused on destructive rubble, color and lighting, the world map UI, mesh simplification, projectiles, the ability builder, VFX, trebuchets, collusion-based audio, the siege scenario, shields, and much more. The color and lighting is apparently a lot more important than it sounds:

“There’re several great items in there, particularly the work on the color grading George is doing. As I (Tyler) come from the art side of things, this one is something I especially want to see, as it really helps to change the look of the game. Moving forward, we’ve talked about it as a way to further differentiate biomes from one another. Imagine going from the cool tones of a rocky beach and moving inland, hitting some fog. Things start to feel darker, moodier, as you begin walking across a bog, slowly noticing the color and environment changing… and then BAM! Oh crap, you realize you’re in enemy territory! Fun stuff. It’s those subtle color cues we hope will visually denote territory control.”

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How would this game be for someone who is casual? I can only play about three nights a week and was wondering if I would still be irrelevant over the months pass by compared to someone who plays everyday?



I don’t think it’s even operating every day, I think it’s pretty much still in actual weekend test mode and what not. So, it’d be hard to answer your question til some sort of release is made.


As noted, until there is release which incorporates everything into a fully functional game its difficult to say

Mark Jacobs

Actually, that won’t be a problem. If you look at what we said during our Kickstarter, we were clear that we were going to make a game that scales horizontally rather than vertically in terms of player progression. So, unlike most other MMOs, you could be far behind people in terms in time played but their power isn’t as far ahead of you than it would be in those other games. They will have more options available to them but it wouldn’t be like most MMOs. This comes with its own issues but we were very clear in saying that we wanted players new the game and/or alts to be able to jump in and not be instagibbed or even just cannon fodder.

Thanks for thinking about us! Feel free to ask me questions about CU and I’ll be around here tomorrow to answer them.