CCP discusses trying, failing, and trying again in the wake of Project Nova’s demise

The problem might not be the trying itself, guy.

The history of CCP Games is one of EVE Online continuing on even while the developer watches every other project stutter and collapse. Project Nova was canned, thus not even making it to something akin to a release state like DUST 514 and EVE Valkyrie, but putting it in good company with World of Darkness Online. Speaking at the Reboot Develop conference over the weekend, however, CEO Hilmar Petursson painted this as a virtue of the studio:

It is such an unprecedented thing that we’re going to try and fail and try again. For a few more years until we crack it. At CCP we keep at it until we figure it out.

Petursson went on to talk about how wonderful the upcoming EVE Echoes (another mobile spinoff) looks and feels from internal testing. Whether or not CCP fans share this enthusiasm in light of further cancellations is a matter for each individual to examine, but this particular project is being developed in concert with Netease, which may be less inclined to simply accept cancellations.

Source: VG24/7
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