Final Fantasy XIV’s North American data center split requires maintenance on April 22

Bye Felicia.

April 23rd is the official date for the split of the two North American data centers for Final Fantasy XIV into three, but players on those data centers will not be playing on April 22nd either. Starting at 6:00 a.m. EDT, both the Primal and Aether centers will be down for maintenance, with all other data centers receiving a much shorter maintenance to apply patch 4.57 to the game.

Players will receive one free day credited to their accounts, regardless of whether or not they play on the affected data centers; in addition, players will be eligible for free world transfers until Tuesday, May 7th so long as the character has not been created on a preferred world within the past 90 days. The limits on gil transferred between worlds and the compensation for losing houses or apartments will also be increased, so if you’ve got no particular attachment to your existing world and want to switch in the wake of the server redistribution, you’re free to move about the servers. The grass over there is probably a lot greener anyhow.


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