Neverwinter previews Undermountain’s randomized expeditions


Among the myriad new features coming to Neverwinter in its upcoming Undermountain expansion are the new expeditions, which are the subject of the game’s latest dev blog. Expeditions are “variable, scaling, repeatable” quests that provide “some of the most challenging and rewarding content in the Neverwinter: Undermountain expansion.” Each expedition sends players ever deeper into the treacherous labyrinths of Undermountain in search of magical relics and valuable loot.

No two expeditions will be exactly the same thanks to a modular randomization system that combines a variety of floors, room layouts, monster spawns, and scenery to ensure that each foray into Undermountain feels fresh and unique. Players will also be able to customize their expedition experiences a bit by attuning runic crystals to their expedition runs. Doing so will increase the expedition’s difficulty, but it will also guarantee specific rewards upon the expedition’s completion, allowing players to snag exactly the loot they’re after, provided they can triumph over the increased challenges that await them. To learn more about the trials and treasures that await in the depths of Undermountain, you can read all the details in the latest dev blog.


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Since Neverwinter and Star Trek Online occasionally share useful design systems, I have to wonder if these new “Expedition” mechanics might someday form the basis for “random exploration” missions in Star Trek Online?

STO players like myself have been pining for true exploration in the game ever since the original “procedurally-generated exploration missions” mechanic was removed from the game some time ago.

This original STO exploration mechanic was very limited, often buggy, and quite repetitive, but since it was removed, Star Trek Online has had no real free-roam exploration to speak of …

Perhaps Neverwinter will point the way?

Here’s hoping!

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Very excited for this. I love how we’re getting more and more iconic D&D stuff in-game. Great fun!