AdventureQuest 3D shares some notes on the design of New Battleon

This will probably be fine.

So… well, we don’t technically know what’s going to be happening that will make New Battleon a thing in AdventureQuest 3D. It’s probably going to involve explosions. But never mind that for the moment because the development diary even goes out of its way to wink-wink nudge-nudge about the upcoming scope of changes. Instead, focus on the actual design of New Battleon and how it’s going to make the game easier to play for both veterans and novices alike.

Aside from just being nice and big, players will be able to access a new travel crystal to help early players follow the story and change locales as necessary. There’s also a new job board all across the hub, which should give players a quick way to see what’s available in the game at any given moment. There aren’t any spoilers on the design rundown, but you know that thereĀ could be some… you’ll just have to speculate about that while you gawk at the parts we’ve seen.

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