Gamigo is offering 100,000 loyalty to RIFT players who join this afternoon’s PTS test


Pssst. Hey you. Want some free stuff? There’s a catch: It’s in RIFT. Maybe I should’ve led with that, yeah.

Anyway, Gamigo is asking for help testing out a new server setup today at 3 p.m. EDT through 5 p.m. EDT.

“We’re in the process of migrating our test environment up to Google’s cloud platform and could use some assistance testing basic server functionality tomorrow afternoon for a couple of hours,” the studio says. “If you’re interested in helping out, log in to the Public Test Shard (Alpha) Tuesday 4/16 between noon and 2 PM PT.”

And why would you bother with this task? Gamigo is doing what way too many MMO companies forget to do and offering a sweet bribe to players who help out.

“As a token of our thanks, we’ll be granting 100k loyalty to all accounts who participate.”

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Castagere Shaikura

LOL, they have to bribe people to play the PTS.


I still log in and check on things, thanks for the heads up 😂

Bruno Brito

I wouldn’t take shit for free from Trion/Gamigo even if my life depended on it.


Its a bit rare to offer incentives for people to go play on public test servers

Did they have too low participation and felt they had to motivate people?

Kickstarter Donor

Given the population, I imagine so. Gamigo needs to do some serious work winning back lapsed players and bringing in new blood if Rift is to have a future, it seemed in a pretty crippled state by the time Trion sold it off.

I’d normally snark about bribery and whatnot, but this is what they need to do if they want to bring folks back under their banner.

Wilhelm Arcturus