LOTRO hosts a Yule festival encore before its anniversary


An interesting — and somewhat strange — thing that Lord of the Rings Online routinely does is bring back seasonal festivals for short-term “encore.” These are sometimes employed to fill in gaps in the year’s event schedule, but ostensibly the reprises allow players who missed out on an event or didn’t quite finish up some goals to get things done.

That’s why we’re seeing Christmas in time for Easter here, as LOTRO announced this week that it’s bringing back its Yule Festival from today through April 22nd. Following that, the 12th anniversary celebration is scheduled to kick off on the 23rd and run through May 20th.

Need a guide? FibroJedi has both the Yule festival and anniversary festival laid out for you, and LOTRO Wiki is on top of both Christmas and the birthday celebrations as well. And don’t forget the Department of Strategery for all of your anniversary scavenger hunt walkthroughs!

Source: LOTRO forums. Cheers Drakani!

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