Shroud of the Avatar opens up a player decoration contest with a player-owned town as the top prize


Who likes playing interior decorator in Shroud of the Avatar? A new contest for the game’s community is asking you to do just that, with players getting the keys to a specialized contest plot of land and three weeks to decorate it as they see fit. Players will vote on the entries on a staff-hosted stream, and the winner will receive an overworld player town to design and show off for all to see!

Players have raised some concerns about the contest elsewhere; the contest has a rather steep entry fee (100,000 gold or 1000 crowns, with the latter costing about $10), it’ll require players to have a fairly extensive inventory of decorations and an understanding of the engine’s quirks, and there’s some ambiguity about judgement criteria. At the same time, it’s also a chance to get a tangible reward for excellent decorative skills, so if you’re eager to show off and have the currency already, you have no reason not to get in there and start making your model home.

Source: Official Site (1, 2); thanks to Victor and John for the tip!

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This contest sounds like it’s geared more towards long-established players and no one else. Didn’t Chris Spears say that the money Portalarium was saving in rent would be used for marketing, to draw in new players? When will that materialize?


I had been watching Atos streams about it. I think its a very nice idea overall. I think the entry fee should had been half that but the prize is quite good and I think people can keep their homes there after the contest if they want