Villagers & Heroes announces A Tale of Earth and Sea expansion and new Shaman class


Indie MMO sandbox Villagers & Heroes did not have the best winter, what with the game being hacked and all back in February. But compensation’s been doled out, and now Mad Otter is moving on to a new chapter, literally, with the announcement of a new expansion.

“Villagers & Heroes is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of our new expansion, A Tale of Earth and Sea! Not only can you expect a brand new character class, but prepare yourselves for a great many other surprising new features and exciting gameplay additions which will take the biggest MMO on mobile to a whole new level!”

The key reveal so far has been for the new class, which turns out to be a Shaman focusing on earth and water spells with both offensive capabilities and defense. There’s also a promise of new skin tones, a character body overhaul, and new faces and eyes. Neat!

The team is promising more – including a first look at the Shaman class – on its stream at 4 p.m. EDT today. The website also includes a novella (seriously) and teases additional content reveals every few days from now until May 2nd.


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The character models (especially males) were the only thing I ever really disliked about this game. The new models look FANTASTIC by comparison, and this new Shaman class sounds amazing too. Really looking forward to this one, especially since I just got a new phone that runs the mobile client perfectly.


I tried that long ago, it wasnt bad back then, I mostly liked crafting but it was too simplistic too. Sure a lot time has passed though and it may have improved a lot as it was a newly released game when I tried it

Nate Woodard

I mean, for a game that can be played on PC or mobile, it’s pretty good. I never got to the crafting portion, but I did mostly enjoy the narrative.