Albion Online makes Silver shrine buffs more powerful and kicks off the Rites of Spring event


Albion Online is getting in to the spring spirit with the usual Easter-themed shenanigans, but that’s not the only thing that’s happening in the latest patch. Players are also getting a significant bump to Silver shrine buffs and a return to form for guild change timers.

Whenever you run in to a Silver shrine in randomized dungeons, you’ll now be getting a 400% bonus from the duration of the buff instead of the usual 50% buff. So, it’s a buffer buff. It’s practically swole. The change timer for guilds has also been scaled back from 30 minutes to the original 48 hours as things settle down from a very active free-to-play launch week. Incidentally, Albion Online seems to be riding a high wave for Steam concurrency and has even seen the effects of review bombing abate, bringing its overall reviews on Steam to “Mixed.”

As for in-game Easter — known in the lore as the Rites of Spring — players can expect to find special egg chests scattered around the open world filled with Fool’s Golden Eggs. These Eggs can be turned in to any Vanity Merchant for unique rewards like an egg-shaped chest for your house, a special vanity pack, the Bunny Stalker armor set, and the Bunny Stalker and Snow Bunny Stalker hats that let you summon bunny pets. Naturally.

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