Apex Legends patch hardens its large lads while making long-range gameplay more viable

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Poor Caustic, Pathfinder, and Gibraltar in Apex Legends. They were just trying to run around and not get shot, but they’re dummy thicc, and the size of their hitboxes kept resulting in taking damage. Sadly, even hitbox reduction wasn’t enough to make Gibraltar and Caustic not feel like overly vulnerable targets, so the game’s latest patch has added a new passive to cut the damage they receive by 10%. Time will tell if this addresses the problem or if they’re still just too dummy thicc.

Meanwhile, the patch is also taking on the problem of long-range damage being too weak for the effort; even hitting the aforementioned chunky units from a long range is a hard task, and you shouldn’t feel unduly penalized for sniping a leg instead of a head. Leg shot damage penalties are thus being reduced notably while sniper rifles are generally becoming more stable. Check out the specific changes in the full breakdown of the game’s most recent balancing patch.

Source: Reddit

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I still somewhat enjoy this game, but the lack of any ranked mode or MMR based matchmaking really reduces the fun a lot. In 95% of the games I am cannon fodder for people who have probably done nothing but play FPS games for the past few years. It gets old.

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Played a couple of games last night, and the selectfire mode on the Havoc feels pretty nice now. Got into a little mid-range scuffle across a valley, and I was doing a satisfyingly chunky amount of damage dancing around cover while my teammate flanked them for the kill.