Crowfall details adjustments incoming for a more player-shaped siege window system

Let the crows fall, let them tumble.

The whole point of having a PvP system with captured land and territories is to spark interesting PvP battles between players. If you can just waltz in and capture an empty fort on the regular, it’s not interesting, is it? But that wasn’t the only problem that the designers were noticing with Crowfall’s existing siege system, which was concurrently requiring every player to log in every night and be ready to defend keeps at the same intervals, regardless of overall activity. So what happens when you notice these issues in testing? You start building a better siege window system.

The new system will have all major control points on a window schedule, ensuring that keeps and forts alike have structured vulnerability. There’s also more detail available on the in-game schedule, and the schedule itself prioritizes times of high player activity so that the major points are up to be defended more often when lots of people are already playing. It should help push most of the battles to be, well, actual battles instead of one-sided affairs against empty structures, so that should be more fun all around.


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This game seems especially hostile toward casual and solo players.


What this article describes is the exact opposite of the vibe your getting from it. Limited vulnerability to during a campaign’s peak hours is casual friendly. They’ve already stated there will be a wide selection of campaigns to choose from with different rulesets, choose one with a vulnerability window that best suites your playtime.


Crowfall is not hostile to solo players. For one thing, you will be in one of three Factions. So even if playing solo (which I do often) you have other Faction members to fight with so you are not alone and a sitting duck. Even when I go out collecting RSS for crafting, because I’m part of a faction, I generally don’t have that much trouble.