Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is in beta down in New Zealand

Please let this stay far away from Rowling's endless retcons.

Love Pokemon Go but hate its relative lack of British wizards? Then Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is for you. Especially if you’re in New Zealand, as apparently the game has entered beta in the region already. So you might wind up mixing your relative fantasy franchises as you meander around the countryside.

It’s not an exaggeration to mention the connection to Pokemon Go, as the game is developed by Niantic and is even encouraging trainers from that title to cross over and enjoy another Niantic game as well. And if you’re excited for the game and tell your mobile device that you live in New Zealand for test purposes, well, we’re not going to let anyone know. We’ve heard tell that watching What We Do In The Shadows is enough to make you an honorary kiwi for 48 hours. Those of you in other regions like North America and Europe can pre-register and wait until you’re allowed in honestly.


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Fervor Bliss

Going from one of the most requested books to be banned, to a phone game. Interesting times.

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I guess I should download it then!

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Jack Pipsam

The header image gave me a sudden nostalgia trip. Harry Potter and Camber of Secrets on PC was awesome! I mean The Philosopher’s Stone was really fun as well, but the second game really hit it out of the park with improvements over the first.

I mean the whole first three Harry Potter game lineup was pretty much stellar IMO across the board and I played the heck out of them as a kid. They had the RPGs on Gameboy Color, those meme-fueled PS1 games. But the PC versions was my main and they stick with me so hard, Jeremy Soule (of Elder Scrolls fame) did the soundtracks back then across the different versions (at least PC/Console).

As much as I would enjoy a fully blown MMO in the Wizarding World, I’m not sure it could really be done. I doubt they’d let you be a student as lore-wise you’re not meant to use magic outside of school much. But if you’re an adult with full magic ability, then you cannot really run around Hogwarts and at that point it’s half the appeal gone.

I’m really hopeful for that leaked Harry Potter game being made by Warner Brothers currently (assuming this convincing as heck leak is true).

Still, I hope we get some good deets from New Zealand about this new mobile game, it has the potential to really kick-off like Pokemon Go did. I mean it speaks volumes that despite all the current J.K. Rowling drama and those awful Fantastic Beast films, that the love for Harry Potter hasn’t faded.