Pantheon’s newsletter teases Project Faerthale development progress and previews the North Tusk Orcs


The folks at Visionary Realms are still chugging along on Pantheon’s Project Faerthale, which aims to provide testers with their first glimpse at the cohesive Pantheon experience with all of its (current) features in one package, and the latest newsletter from the studio is here to give players another trickle of information about what players can expect to see when it’s finally done.

One particular area currently under construction puts a strong emphasis on the game’s climbing system, which the devs are experimenting with and polishing up to “make it meaningful and enjoyable.” When Project Faerthale is unveiled, the post says, players can expect to “see a much more polished climbing system that adds a fun, thoughtful layer to the gameplay.”

The newsletter also sits down with Lead Writer JN Garhart and Concept Artist Forrest Imel, who pull back the curtain on the process of bringing the North Tusk Orc race to life, from early concepts to final models. If you’re curious to know what sets Pantheon’s Orcs apart from the Tolkien-inspired tropes that pervade the fantasy genre, if you want to learn how the race has evolved over the course of the game’s development, or if you just want to feast your eyes on the final in-game renders of the monstrous greenskins, then the full interview is well worth a read. You can find it, along with plenty more morsels of information, over at the game’s official site.

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