Ashes of Creation examines the lore – and swanky outfits – of the Iron Lion order


The latest development update from Ashes of Creation delves into the lore of the organization known as the Iron Lion, a “fairly new order formed out of a desire to control the unknowable” that focuses not only on traditional martial combat but also on honing the ability to dampen magic to better contend with rampant arcane energy and those who wield it. The lore is delivered in via the somewhat unusual avenue of an examination of the ceremonial regalia worn by the organization’s ranking members — complete with fancy (presumably in-engine) renderings of each.

This sort of sartorial history begins at the bottom of the chain of command with the Cuirass of the Pride, the standard-issue armor for the Iron Lion’s rank-and-file Footman. Those Footmen who prove their worth to the order, whether by displaying great skill in combat or by demonstrating ability at the art of magic negation that is the Iron Lion’s signature, can ascend to the rank of Knight, who lead detachments into the field clad in the Aegis of Fangs.

Only the most elite veterans of the order’s Knights will ultimately rise to the rank of Lion, whose gleaming Dawnclaw Ward armor marks them as paragons of the Iron Lion. It’s worth noting that exactly what role the Iron Lion will play in the game itself is unclear, but it would seem unfair to show off all this snazzy armor and not give players the opportunity to don it themselves. Either way, if you want to check out the full renders and read up more on the history of the Iron Lion, you can do so over at Ashes of Creation’s official site.

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These are awesome looking!


The Iron Lion cosmetics are earn-able in game for questing with the Iron Lion.