Bless Unleashed previews the Crusader in its latest class video


Ah, the classic sword-and-board character class. Staple of the RPG genre. How does one make a class that wields an oversized steak knife and an item that often is used only as a stats platter exciting? In the case of Bless Online, a whole lot of fancy camera work and a driving musical number. Enter: The Crusader, the subject of the newest class video showcase offered by Bandai Namco and Neowiz.

Another way to make a sword-and-board class sound like the hotness is with some fancy PR words, like so:

“Equipped with sword and shield, Crusaders can devastate enemies with vicious strikes and timely blows. With knight-like armor and a shield for extra defense, Crusaders prefer the action up close and personal to take the hurt to the enemies and draw attention away from their allies. Crusaders are a great medium of powerful attacks and sturdy defenses.”

In all seriousness, the Crusader does appear to be another active combat choice in Bless Unleashed, which you can see in the video demonstration below. Seriously, though, please make the shield more than just a stat-boosting off-hand item.

source: press release

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Diego Lindenmeyer

forgot to print their mods on discord saying that Bless online was fine when they announced this version xD
Now, Neowiz trying to get away from it and still no new content ( that just needed a translation like everything else in the game )