Lord of the Rings Online rolls out a new Mac client


If you play MMOs on a Mac, you know all too well the limitations and hoops you must endure. While some online games don’t support the Mac OS at all, others do — and Lord of the Rings Online is one of the latter.

In fact, Standing Stone Games announced this week that it has made a new version of the Mac client available for download right now. While it isn’t required to play at the moment (you can keep the old version if you wish), by this summer’s Update 24 it will be. It’s probably a good idea to get a jump on this in any case, since you’ll have to download it eventually anyway.

There’s a short FAQ about this client transition posted on the forums, but just know that this doesn’t change anything about the game itself (such as your characters or account details), just how you access it.

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Aaron Weddle

if they can do a MACOS version in a Wine container they can damn well do a Linux release also mac runs intelhd Graphics unless ur using a Hackintosh most times u won’t have a dedicated graphics processor

Melissa McDonald

unfortunately the game won’t run very well with IntelHD graphics, which the vast majority of Macs have. My own MacBook pro runs both MacOS and Win7, and i get on average 10FPS more in Windows on same hardware playing games that support both OS’s.