MapleStory celebrates 14 years with Pink Bean character creation and past seasonal updates


Are you familiar with Pink Bean? It’s a boss character as well as a playable Monster Job, apparently, and to mark 14 years of MapleStory, players will once more get to make a Pink Bean character as well as revel in prior seasonal events.

The anniversary festivities are being held on 14th Street between Wednesday, April 24th, and Sunday, June 12th. Players can approach an NPC outside the Chaos Pink Bean Theatre to create their own temporary Pink Bean playable job, which has some new skills this time around like the ability to hop on to a scooter and drive around to avoid damage or the ability to summon statues to attack foes. 14th Street will also grant players access to events named after past seasonal updates such as Chaos, Nova, and Ark. Of course, rewards are on offer as well with 14th Street Coins to earn and event goodies to buy at a special Big Bang Store.

There’s some news on the MapleStory 2 front as well: A 64-bit client for the action MMO has been released, so those who would prefer to play the game on double the bits now have the option.

sources: press release, MapleStory 2 website. This post has been updated since publication to clarify which events 14th Street grants access to!