Plan trade routes and share ship fittings with the EVE Online Workbench


Whether you’re a space truckin’ sort, a player that likes to hop in to Abyssal Deadspace, or one of those Capsuleers looking to start a fight with anyone within radar range, there’s a new tool to help you out. It’s the Workbench, a new website for EVE Online that lets players browse ship fittings of all sorts, browse the in-game market, or plan a shipping route.

The EVE Workbench has a couple of handy-dandy functions, starting with its Fittings section that will likely be familiar to anyone who’s used similar web-based tools like Osmium. Player-made ship fittings can be browsed by Alpha or Omega Clone type, and clicking a specific build breaks down all of the salient information one could possibly need.

Next is the market browser board, which lets players enter in an item and see current buy and sell orders in all regions or specific ones. This feature can go hand-in-hand with the trade tool, which can help haulers plan the most lucrative station to station routes possible.

The entire website is still listed as a beta, so features are likely to be refined or revised, but for now it’s looking immediately useful even in its early state.

source: Twitter

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