Atlas shuts down the Empire server in favor of an NA PvE server and announces Easter plans


Hot on the heels of update 1.5 to Atlas comes this week’s Captains Log dev blog, which provides word of the Empire PvP server’s shutdown, details on in-game Easter, and a quick sneak peek at what’s coming in future patches.

Let’s get to the server stuff first: As the headline stated, the Empire server is being shut down this Friday, April 19th, at 7:00 p.m. EDT to make way for an NA PvE server that uses the Colonies system. This is due to the fact that the Colonies and Settlements system is much more favored with players — a fact the devs assumed was the case, but felt needed testing just to be sure. That said, there still is a place for PvP in Atlas according to the devs:

“We still believe that there is a place in the game for ambitious PvP players, and we believe that open-ended PvP is a really important and fun part of ATLAS. We want to find a way we can still support those goals whilst still keeping our more controlled and rule-based PvP.”

On the content side of things, the Hoppening — Atlas’ form of Easter — is happening this weekend, granting players the chance to find Easter Eggs that can either be traded in for blueprints to craft a bunny ear hat or thrown at creatures and players. The patch that adds the Easter event is also making some small tweaks to the game, which are detailed in the patch notes.

As for what’s coming down the pipe, the dev blog offered a number of tantalizing screenshots. In April, players can expect an update similar in scope to 1.5 that will bring a new dungeon, changes to combat, and new weapons including a crossbow. Then, sometime this summer, players can look forward to some brand-new islands.

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