Celebrate spring with an array of egg-filled events in ArcheAge, Trove, and other MMOs


How do you feel about holiday events and egg-based puns? If your answer was “eggstatic,” then you’ve come to the right post, as it’s all about the Easter goings-ons coming to the MMOsphere this month. ARK: Survival Evolved is celebrating with the return of its Eggcellent Adventure event, a two-week eggstravaganza featuring Easter egg hunts, new Easter-themed skins and items, and absolutely terrifying gigantic bunnies.

Gamigo is also bringing Easter festivities to its games. ArcheAge players will be able to partake in the eggciting Spring Race to earn tokens that can be exchanged for various seasonal rewards, while Trove players can celebrate at the eggstraordinary Mount Parades and gather bonus Mount Talismans in the process. Meanwhile, Echo of Soul and Last Chaos are hosting their own variations of the classic egg hunt, and Aura Kingdom is doling out special Easter coins that can be eggschanged for precious eggs containing an array of endearing Eidolons.

And last but not least, Gameforge’s anime-action brawler SoulWorker is sending players to the realm of the eggscruiatingly adorable (and equally mischievous) Grutin, who have caught wind of this whole Easter thing and decided all the Easter eggs. It’s up to players to recover the eggs, for which they’ll be rewarded with event material that can be traded in for new costumes, gear, and titles.

Source: Press Release, SoulWorker Official Site

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