Crowfall outlines revisions to its death system ahead of update 5.90


Dying is inevitable. Not just in the greater universal sense, but specifically in Crowfall, a game that features PvP battles where factions of players are trying to hold territory. The way death is handled is going to see a few adjustments come the game’s next milestone update 5.90.

As it stands now when your HP total hits zero, you bleed out, awaiting to either be resurrected by an ally, slain by a final blow from an enemy, or killed by the bleed. Then, you turn into a Spirit Crow and immediately transport to the nearest Dragon Statue. Here, you’ve got two choices: Fly back to a Cairn that marks where you fell and resurrect there, recovering your inventory and taking a slight hit to equipment, or resurrect from directly at the statue, leaving your inventory at your Cairn and taking a greater hit to your equipment’s health. Regardless of which choice you make, you suffer a “death shroud” debuff that lasts three minutes.

The changes coming in 5.90 take place when you turn in to a Spirit Crow. Now, you’ll become a ghost bird right at your body and will have to navigate to a Dragon Statue yourself; no more resurrecting at your Cairn. If you can’t be bothered to flutter about looking for a resurrection point, you can use your Recall power to teleport immediately. Once you resurrect, your equipment will still take a bit of damage and some of your inventory will be left at your Cairn to recover.

Once you’re turned in to a Spirit Crow, a new death counter will begin to tick down, which ideally should reach zero by the time you fly yourself to a Dragon Statue. However, successive deaths will add more time to this counter in an effort to reduce a trickling of players rushing back to the fray.


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But,but,but … The worlds are SO BIG!

Gotta be a hassle to fly all the way back to a statue.

Can’t they just make it easier??

I know! Just add a big button when you log in and when you push the button, BOOM, you win the game. (Only 5$ extra in the store.)

Oh, and you get FAT LOOTS too! (No PVP involved.)

That is what everyone really wants, amirite??

Jeremy Barnes

uhhh…are you ok?