Fractured’s second Alpha 1 test brings more housing, a new biome, and spiders this June


By all accounts, the first Alpha 1 test for Fractured was a solid success, barring minor annoyances and login issues. So now it’s full steam ahead for Alpha 1 test 2, which looks to lay on a few more layers of good things for players. Also spiders, which are good things in a biological sense until they attempt to attack you.

The next alpha test plans to add new log and stone houses of different sizes, new decorations, new storage, and even some crafting stations for leather curing and leather armor creation. There are also plans for new house types, though that’s not exactly guaranteed.

The world of Fractured is expanding a bit as well, with a new Deadwoods biome being added to two places in the Myr continent in the interest of adding more points of interest to the map. As one would expect from a biome with “dead” in its name, there are plenty of unfriendly critters roaming these new areas, including the aforementioned giant spiders and several undead monsters, both of whom are bringing a variety of delightful skills to use on your face.

Before that, though, the month of May will focus on the “annoying” task of technology upgrades and migration as the team upgrades its Unity build, SpatialOS SDK, and network protocols. After that, the next phase of alpha testing is due to kick off some time in June.


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I think its the one of the most interesting games in development. I am keeping an eye on it.


I had a good time in Test 1. Building a house very much like Archeage’s system , which is a good thing. Crafted armor from wolf and fox furs. So far impressed with this tiny dev team.


2 of these guys were on LinkRealms as well. Was a nice UO-like games. They were doing a good job there too with what they had on their disposal