Guild Wars 2 changes up two of its PvP maps for better play


Gladiators of Tyria, take notice: Some of the familiar battlegrounds for your bloodshed are receiving a fabulous makeover.

ArenaNet announced this week that it is working on changes for two of Guild Wars 2’s PvP maps: Eternal Coliseum and Djinn’s Dominion. While these won’t be a complete overhaul, the adjustments are significant enough that it could throw you off your game if you’re not aware of them.

Eternal Coliseum is due to receive more obstacles (for breaking line-of-sight) and visual landmarks (to help players instantly orient). As for Djinn’s Dominion, ArenaNet wants to put the kibosh on spawn camping, so the studio is adding a wall and gate to help with this issue.

Guild Wars 2 has upped its communication cadence recently, assuring fans that the MMO was “here to stay” and laying out a roadmap for its future.

Source: Guild Wars 2
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Bruno Brito

If it’s still conquest, then it’s the same garbage.