Daybreak’s Z1 Battle Royale is sunsetting its South American servers, canceling Showdown event


April’s been a rough month for fans of Z1 Battle Royale, the PC version of H1Z1. Developer NantG laid off a chunk of staff and then lobbed Z1BR at Daybreak, saying it wanted to focus on mobile instead. And Daybreak said it was surprised by the move and “still digesting” what to do next, though it did promise continuing support.

Well, now we know exactly what that entails, as Friday Daybreak devs posted some bad news. Yes, the game will continue, but the game’s South American servers are sunsetting.

“On Tuesday, April 30, we are ending Season 3. We are also shutting down South America servers at that time. This will consolidate our Americas player base on North America, speeding up queue times and ensuring Z1BR’s other servers continue to operate for the vast majority of our global community as we lead into next Season. As of this time, we plan to kick off Season 4 on Tuesday, May 14.”

The Showdown event has also been canceled, as Daybreak says it doesn’t think it has time to put it on with sufficient quality, but players who’ve qualified for it will still receive their rewards.

“We will be back with more information as we work towards kicking off Season 4,” says the studio.

Source: Steam

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Daybreak just can’t catch a break with this one, sheesh.

Bruno Brito

Even the PR message sounds depressed.

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Jack Pipsam

I just quickly logged into check what regions are still active for H1Z1 (Sorry “Z1”). The difference in ping from my end between South and North America is rather vast, I really hope that South American players aren’t hit with this kind of huge difference when they’re merged into NA.

That’ll be tough. Condolences to them.