Final Fantasy XIV invites you to test out the World Visit system by fighting a unicorn


When players log back in to Final Fantasy XIV tomorrow, it’ll be after all of the data center expansions have occurred, but it’ll also be with the new World Visit system in place. That means that you can hop from Mateus to Goblin to Coeurl in the course of a single night, all while your home server is none of the above. But to stress test that service before the launch of the game’s next expansion, Square-Enix is asking people to go out and fight a unicorn during specific windows of time.

The idea is that players will be told to all rush on to a specific server and one specific zone via the world visit feature, but the destinations won’t be announced ahead of time, so it’ll test the service under spontaneous load. Testing the function out will reward players with… well, predictable Ixion spawns and the concurrent rewards, which can be hard to get most of the time. So go fight a sparking unicorn and test the servers! It’ll be worth it ahead of the June 28th early access date.

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Josh Whipkey

So, I own the first two expansions. I have purchased job boosts for every job except the one I played during the main campaign. I THINK I am almost done with the stuff in between the main campaign and the first expansion, but I am not sure – there apparently is no CLEAR separation. You can drift right into it without knowing.

Regardless, I have little to no interest in playing the game, I will probably never get my money’s worth out of the expansions.

The game is too facile. Alternatives anger the host.

So lame.